Everyone has them.  Those friends that love fitness and love running.  They also have those friends that are always on the fence when it comes to fitness “One day I’ll join you for a run…”  Have you ever just wanted to bring them all together and make today that “one day”?  Now you can!

It doesn’t matter if this group of yours is made up of colleagues, neighbors, organization members, family members, fitness groups or some other random label you want to put on how you are brought together.  We want to help you come out and experience the day TOGETHER!

Our whole goal is to incentivize YOU to get your squad to the start line.  It doesn’t matter what distance each member runs, we just want you there and active!  


Teams of 10 or more receive:

  • Race weekend perks
  • Recognition on runcharlotte.com

Teams of 26 or more also receive

  • Free entry for team leader
  • Charity Donation
  • Gifts for team members

Corporate Teams also have the opportunity to win the prestigious Novant Health Corporate Wellness Award!

Check out our program packet below for more details.

For any other questions, please contact Kayla Henderson at kayla@runforyourlife.com.